First Non-Lawyer Equity Member for SAS Daniels LLP

Andrew Perry, Chief Operating Officer of North West law firm SAS Daniels LLP, has become the solicitors’ first non-lawyer Equity Partner.

Andrew, 47, from Ramsbottom, Lancashire, joined SAS Daniels LLP in January 2003 as Business Manager following 12 years in industry, and oversaw the firm’s move to new headquarters in Greek Street, Stockport, in 2003.

He now has responsibility for the central management team and the operations of all offices across Cheshire, and, as a partner – greater influence over the firm’s direction and strategy.

Andrew said: “My time in industry provided an excellent background in business management, finance, marketing and, in particular, managing people and change. The legal sector is going through rapid change which makes it challenging but also one of the most exciting and rewarding industry sectors to work in at the moment. Equity status adds an even greater level of involvement and commitment and that is a real motivator for me.

“We have an incredibly bright team of lawyers, and while they, by and large, concentrate on being lawyers, I focus on working with our central management team to drive the business forward.

“The growing reputation of the firm since the merger of SASlawyers and Daniels Solicitors in June 2006 has seen a huge increase in the number of people who see SAS Daniels as a desirable place to work and develop their career. We receive at least 400 applications a year for our trainee positions, but, perhaps tellingly, there is also an increasing influx of contact from more senior lawyers and, in some cases, even entire teams.”

As a member of senior management he is heavily involved in the firm’s plans to establish itself as a credible alternative to city firms in the North West with well located offices providing expert teams and increasingly sector based specialisms.

“We have the experience and expertise of the big city firms, not least because more and more of their lawyers are attracted to joining the SAS Daniels team, but because we’re winning work that the big city firms have until recently considered to be for their books only,” said Andrew.

Andrew Perry is married with a young daughter; his interests include golf, photography and travel.

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