Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce – religion and children

Year Published: 2012

With news this week that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are to divorce, press coverage has begun to focus on the impact that Tom Cruise’s highly publicised membership of the Church of Scientology will have in any future disagreements between them over the upbringing of their six year old daughter.

When any couple separate, there can be difficult issues to resolve in relation to their children. In all disagreements, the court puts the children’s welfare first – and asks what is best for the children – regardless of what may or may not suit the parents. But where a question of religion arises – whether a child should practice a particular religion, or the amount of contact they should have with a parent who has particular beliefs, what’s best for that child might not be so obvious – especially where the religious beliefs in question are ones which might not be considered mainstream.

We covered this exact issue in February, when citing a case in the high court, Re N (A Child – Religion – Jehovah’s Witness) [2011] EWHC B26 (Fam), highlighted the issue of religion on separation. Click here to read the full article.

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